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Giving back to your community is never easy, but this is particularly true when you are living in a foreign country. There has been a noticeable dearth in volunteer programs in Shenzhen, particularly for foreigners. That is why Bruno Schuyten established the HOPE program jointly with the Shenzhen local authorities which stands for “Help One Person Everyday”. It is a great way to get involved, help others and make connections! The program emphasizes giving back to the local community, entrepreneurship, as well as forging a stronger connection between locals and foreigners living in China.

Future planned events including meeting with local service centers for constructive discussions, an introduction to all natural solutions do-it-yourself,and going to local hospitals to volunteer. The program will also be offering free translations for community services involved with foreigners, opportunities for foreigners to share stories and information about their home countries with locals, and for the particularly brave, donating blood. In order to replenish your vitamins and minerals to help recover from all of that hard work, tea, kombucha, coffee and beer brewing classes are planned as well!


In order to create a movement you have to impact people in the community to their core for them to want to share and duplicate what you do, and to do that building a community was the first and most important step.


Started from an idea of giving back, we needed the means to do so and as foreigners (even most locals here are foreigners) we needed some support, which came in multiple ways, local authorities and community service centers as well as local and expat business in the city welcomed the idea by sponsoring us in many ways.


this step was confusing at first as most people say you should be focusing on only 1 or 2 things to do because we wanted to reach out to the needs of those living in the community but we have multiple source to pull from, local chinese, expat chinese (coming from other provinces) and the expats whose wants and needs differs greatly from each other so we started with simple things that had an impact on the many…

storytelling, cleanups, donations of all kind (small fundraising, blood donation etc…)


Armed with nothing more than a smile, their willingness to make a difference, good attitude and positive energy all the volunteers started giving their 150% at every occasion, without ever asking for anything in return.

Making the leaders proud to be serving them.

These events are just the tip of the iceberg of the possibilities that volunteering can provide the HOPE program is just getting started. If you have volunteering ideas of your own about how to make our shared community better, or just want to get involved, you can follow the HOPE program Wechat official account, contact us from here or via email and help us grow through your ideas, knowledge, skills and experiences, thanks in advance for reaching out.

NPO and Volunteers exchange

Helping Other Programs Expandwink

Stray volunteers and dogs

cause we roam free in the city and we could Help the dogs doing the same without the risks and dangers

Culture and Language Exchanges

because it takes understanding the language to really get the mindset of locals and that sharing culture brings us closer to each others

2020 Directions

HOPE is spreading its wings; we’re going to reach farther in the community, not only YanShan and ZhaoShang but we’re hoping to reach out to the whole of Shezhen before year’s end; we have connected with some other international NPOs and are working on organizing a seminar for NPOs (on pause due to Coronavirus situation) and volunteers groups to gather and share experiences and how to grow locally in Shenzhen and overall china or even globally;

With the current situation we have transfered 85% of our activities to online using ZOOM as our main platform, offering as many as 11 events a week for free (events include: mindfulness and meditation with Lev and or A Trip with Tina on Monday, Gamify chinese corner on Tuesday, A Coffee with A Life Coach on Wednesday, French corner with Sandra on Thursday, Game Night with NaoNow on Friday, QwanKiDo based self -defense, Breath like the Iceman, English Corner with Melody, Entrepreneurs mentor call on Saturday, A coffee with A Life Coach, Booty workout with Emily, Live and move mindfully with John on Sunday)

We also plan on having a dog whisperer coming over to the city and help some of the locals, local pet shop, pet coffee and other animal lover communities better educated on  care and companion education (this one finally got started all thanks to the amazing Melody to take this idea and make it a reality).

This being said is not the only direction in which we’re headed as we are proud to announce That Matthew Smith and Molood (Melody) two of our volunteers have taken on their shoulders the idea to launch the first international branches of the HOPE Program directly in Kyiv, Ukraine, and Iran (respectfully in that order) promoting and expanding it in ways that is helpful for the  expat communities while serving the local communities and businesses.

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