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Our mission statement and goals with HOPE is to empower expats through BRIDGING their COMMUNITIES to the local ones no matter where they are while EMPOWERING LEADERS by helping the volunteers make their ideas and dream happen guiding them with our free events serving the communities by NETWORKING GLOBALLY to assist and Help One Person Everyday!

Chef Bruno


Helping One Person Everyday...

The HOPE Program stands for Help One Person Everyday and was launched in January 2019 by Chef Bruno, a Shenzhener living in Zhaoshang Subdistrict in Nanshan District. As a multifaceted expert holding certificates in nutrition, culinary arts, aromatherapy and life coaching as a mean to give back to the community that uplifted him after facing the loss of multiple family members, depression and drugs addiction, he got his life back together and wanted to give back, his mentor told him to pay it forward and that’s what he did, through the main social media platform in China he slowly built a reputation of helper and Go-Giver to which point one of his friend told him he dreamed too small and offered him to make it a real official government sponsored active group through which the HOPE Program thrived by being published in multiple news outlets, on local television, and more internationally on Western social medias for their free events bridging the local and expat communities, it has become very quickly a platform for networking and leadership among health minded, caring people willing to give back or rather pay it forward, with now close to 100 members and volunteers we’re open to expanding in other countries like HOPE in Ukraine at the moment is being developed by Matt, who generously offered to Branch out as he used to be living in Shenzhen where the program got started and is making it a reality where his family and career brought him




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Big THANKS to all of the volunteers and the Hope family for their amazing and never ending support we now have a brand new website big thanks to our IT genius Mike for this, and we’re starting to spread by branching out in Ukraine massive shout-out to the awesome life coach Matthew for his resolution to promote and expand our vision making the internationalization of our project a reality, that being said this is only the beginning as for the leaders of this incredible community building movement, we envision Helping One Person Everyday in every city of every country on this planet through a global network inspired by leaders bridging expat to their local communities, may it take a few hundreds of year, we will see it through!

So join us in this journey and learn to duplicate our system in your city and start empower the community and its people anywhere around you, reach out and let us know how we can assist, help and impact your community.

latest accomplishment

Here you will find the latest accomplishments of our HOPE Program no matter where it took place so you can stay tuned and see your favorite projects take place.

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