Chef Bruno Schuyten

Born in 1987 from a 7 children family in Belgium
8 years in china, speaks mandarin HSK 2-3
Certified in nutrition and culinary arts, basic business, aromatherapy and life coaching
Founder of the OYL NERDS, wholistic health and financial wellness
leader of an international team of wellness educators in Shenzhen.
Official Foreign Consultant for the YanShan Community.
Founder of the H.O.P.E. Program (first international volunteer team in SZ working with the government)
Philanthropist and board member of a charity in Uganda.
4 years in the health, wellness and leadership coaching industry.

Only a few months after he arrived his little brother aged 24 passed away from a cancer, while trying to accept this fate Bruno entered a depression that led him to make some wrong choices, a year later when his mom passed away from cancer, Bruno really hit rock bottom and lost everything he owned, only to find that china and it’s community had his back and got him uplifted in no time, that’s when he started to research more about natural health, life choices and leadership, guiding himself through the recovery he understood he could help others doing the same, only to realize that to do this he had to become the bridge that would link both communities in ShenZhen the local and the expat community required people willing to give time and energy and this was the birth of an idea… of a movement.