Shenzhen the city of HOPE

where it all started, from an idea to a movement!

What about Shenzhen?

Here i will talk about the city that’s become my home, why and how this place captured my heart and what makes it the place of HOPE.


A Brief Introduction of Zhaoshang Sub-district

First established in February 1991, the Shuiwan sub-district was later renamed the Zhaoshang sub-district in November 1993. It is located in the south of Nantou Peninsula which is in the southwest of Nanshan District, with hills and sea nearby. Its landmarks,such as Sea World, the Prince Bay Cruise Terminal, Chiwan Tianhou Temple, Zuopaotai, and Songshaodi Mausoleum are famous attractions. China’s (Guangdong) Shekou Free-Trade Zone, covering an area of 13.2-square-kilometers, is also located in this sub-district.

With a total area of 20.14 square kilometers, the sub-district is divided into eleven community committees – Chiwan, Wuwan, Shuiwan, Huaguoshan, Yanshan, Taohuayuan, Sihai, Lanyuan, Guiyuan, Wenzhuyuan, Haiyue – as well as two designated areas of agricultural based holding enterprises. Zhaoshang sub-district stands out as one of the few in Shenzhen where the permanent resident household (99,000 units) outnumbers its temporary counterpart (75,000 units). It has 3083 CPC members under 238 party units, and 6547 foreign residents from 100 different countries.

Shenzhen is the embodiment of China’s development, while Nanshan is that of Shenzhen. Zhaoshang is, in fact, a pioneer of Shenzhen’s Reform and Opening-Up Program. With such a reputation, residents are energized with high innovations.


The hub and hood where it all started,

Nanshan International Cultural Exchange & Service Center

1. About Us
Founded in November 2018, Nanshan International Cultural Exchange & Service Center referred to as “the center” is a one-stop shop for foreigners, whether living in Shenzhen or just visiting, to get all the information and resources they need to have a happy life in the city. Located in Shekou, Shenzhen at Imperial Park, Zhaoshang Sub-district (Sea World), the center is approximately 870 square meters of space open for community use, staffed with English-speaking social workers, who will provide professional services for both Chinese and foreign expats. As the largest international cultural exchange platform in Shenzhen, the center is committed to bridging government and expats via communication and supplementary services.

2. Management Philosophy
Embracing the world through culture;
Let the world know about Nanshan; let Nanshan know about the world.

3. Available Services
1)“One-Stop” Consulting Services
In order to offer better services to foreigners, the center provides official policies and instructions on administrative affairs, and holds regular sessions to inform expats about life in Shenzhen, and the laws and regulations concerning foreign affairs. In addition, expert legal advice services are offered at no cost. The legal services include advice on landlord/tenant discrepancies, employment contact disagreement, marriage and family relation (i.e., interracial marriage and dissolution of marriage), foreign investments, customs supervision, tax planning, commercial contracts, and other legal matters.
2)Chinese-Foreign Cultural Exchange Services
The center collaborates with social organizations to hold a series of featured activities involving cultural exchange. The venue includes: Foreigner Liaison Office, Cultural Exchange Room, Mini-Library, Traditional Chinese Culture Room and Theater.
3)Online and Offline Information Service
The center operates “SWInternational” official Wecaht account and collaborates with partners like Shekou Daily to create online and offline express service pattern. These online services, combined self-service machines, will provide authoritative and comprehensive guidelines and information for foreigners.

4)International School Exchange Platform
The center focuses on building an international school exchange platform through multi cooperation. It will offer Chinese cultural education activities and featured campus cultural events with international context, to broaden students’ perspective and enrich their campus life.

4.Future Services in 2019
In addition to the services listed above, the center will be launching some unique service projects like “Shenzhen in Foreigners’ Eyes”, “See Shenzhen on the Sea”, “Seventieth Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China” and other promotions of public welfare organizations.

5. Conclusion
As the largest international cultural exchange platform in Shenzhen, our goal is to meet your needs to the best of our ability.

Office Hours (Monday-Friday): 9:00-12:00
1st Floor, Imperial Park I, Wanghai Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Metro:Line 2 Sea World Exit A
Bus:Sea World South / Sea World Metro Station
Telephone Number: 0755-2161 2083
E-mail Address:
WeChat Account: NSIC南山国际化交流中心

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