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you can share the lessons you took many years to learn in 1 story with many people willing to listen and learn, that can change the lives of people in a very positive way

Mountain Cleanup (& other areas)

A great way to show your willingness to help without imposing yourselves on other people while caring for your own environment…

And it’s fun to do outdoor stuff

Women's Self-defence

Independent and confident women are just so cool to hang around with, so let’s empower them and the ones willing to become it as we give them the right tools.

Culture Exchanges

The greatest distance between people isn’t space but culture…

let’s close the gap and share our culture while learning from others.

Chinese Corners

You can’t catch a fly with vinegar…. or at least it’s really hard, it’s much easier with honey…

learning the language of the locals allow you to understand better the way they think

this allows you to learn, grow and expand your mindset, while also adapting to your surrounding.

English Corners

Not every expat comes from a native english country and thus can always be helpful for better integration amongst expats and for the locals to understand you better.

Elderly Services

Everytime i try to come up with something clever about serving the elderly i just get reminded that no matter how much you serve them, you always end up learning from them and thus can’t just be helping but feeling better afterward

Blood donation

Two simple reasons:

1. you don’t know whose life you can save with it.

2. it’s good for the human body to bleed every now and again so do something good for you while Helping One Person Everyday

Lifestyle coaching

it is so beautiful to see someone coming to you for advice and help them realise they already know the answers inside of them then seeing them realizing their own potential.

Big events: 10
Repeat events: 48
Other services: 15
Sponsors: 5

Our activities are varied in size, time, scope and interests as we are trying to serve a mix of multiple communities, the local community trying to expand their international knowledge and network, the not-so-local local community composed of locals that aren’t from Shenzhen city so they speak the language but haven’t yet made many  friends in the area and of course the expat community hidden in every corner of the city and ready to get out of their apartment to build their network or just socialize outside of work, this makes for a very varied group of volunteers leading to a very eclectic range of activity styles and requests and thus to serve as many as best we could we started offering a voice to all of them and started asking the community leaders, which activities would be welcomed by the communities around us as we try to be inclusive and the culture difference requires adjustment in order to not do more harm than good.


  • Serving people 90% 90%
  • Meeting people 70% 70%
  • Learning something 50% 50%
  • Activities 80% 80%

“Help One Person Everyday is not only something we all try to do daily, but something we thrive for as it brings us closer to our human side, it builds up a bridge between communities allowing them to grow stronger together, develops leadership while growing a supportive and caring network through which anything really becomes possible.”

Take a peak

Watch this video and see the things we did, the impact we had and the lives we changed, or click the link and go check the reviews of all our past events (not yet ready…)

A Smile That Makes You Smile

I can’t not smile when I see her smile and I’m sure you feel the same way, and that’s an awesome feeling, if everyone can feel this way once a day, the HOPE Program is doing it’s job.

Pride & Friendship

when you get to know people so closely, you can’t not love them.

Clever Marketing

Blair has made everyone laugh at least one hundred times, while still bringing a lot of advice, personal, business and legal ones

Love Takes Many Forms

Family, friendship, companionship all are entangled with love in a way or another, seeing our volunteers build friendships warms our heart along the journey

Proud Support

Sometimes the ones you expect are not same as you can bring your life unexpected treasures, she’s one of them.

Science, Cancer & Expat Life

Pretty reserved are the scientist but once in their elements they can reveal their own brilliance, Krzystof has done excatly that within the HOPE Program

When Talents Meet Energy and Love!

This is the perfect combination for awesome vibes and loads of fun in the tribe, Darian is multitalented and multifaceted and we love him for being him, the real expression of one self

The Colours of HOPE

While wearing the colours of HOPE and looking pretty shy and reserved, the volunteers you hear the least might be the ones to show up the most, we love their dedication in serving the community.

Brewing culture

The brewing culture exchange event that took place Saturday 7th September exceeded expectations towards the support of The Miracle Boy of Liangjin’s Charity. We managed to raise a grand total of 2890 rmb!

The event was supported and encouraged by some local breweries such as The Bionic Brewery (Western Brewery from Shenzhen), Hanover Coffee (German coffee company roasted in China) and Blushbean (Chinese coffee company).

Being in collaboration with H.O.P.E, The International Volunteers Program, some of the volunteers put themselves forward to take part and introduced their own personal favourite “brews” such as Kambutcha, an old traditional brew of sweetened tea, and the upmost elegant traditional chinese ceremony.

A dream’s pursue

July 19th 2019, Duiu Onofrei taught a female self-defense class at the Shekou Net Valley, the focus was to give the attendees the ability to defend themselves from attackers, giving them some basic but effective moves to protect themselves.

BLACK BELT in Qwan Ki Do, Duiu is a national champion in his homeland of Romania, He’s been in China for over two years at this point, and his course aims to improve and develop self-confidence, self-defense techniques, and includes tips and exercises to maintain a healthy body.

With over thirty years of martial arts experience, his personal expertise showed in the precision, power and balance of his movements, but equally impressive was his teaching expertise, which was revealed in his ability to communicate with others and help them improve.

while the thought of defending yourself from an attacker is a serious one, the atmosphere was very upbeat and humorous, as the teaching style of Duiu was energetic and uplifting. Laughter filled the room on several occasions.


American culture

Charlie Barton had a culture exchange talk with a group of Chinese employees working in Shekou Net Valley

He’d been living in China for just over four months, and had absolutely loved his time here thus far. He likes how welcoming the people are, enjoys the food here, and relishes exploring the city of Shenzhen.

One of his favorite things about China is having so many opportunities for learning Mandarin, he loves practicing with the locals and continues to look forward to every opportunity to take advantage of the classes offered here and by the HOPE Program.

That Friday was an enthralling talk about his experiences in China, he said that from his own perspective, it’s been overall very positive. Charlie really enjoyed hearing stories and talking to people about where they’re from and how they like Shenzhen, and said that it was so interesting and enjoyable to hear all the questions from the audience.

They asked great questions on a variety of topics, ranging from the transportation system here compared to the system in America, if he liked chinese food, why many people in the U.S. had more or wanted more than two kids and the overall population of the U.S. compared to china


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